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How to play Big Bamboo and win

The game options differ in terms of risk and the final profit on the calculation. It's worth understanding that there are no win-win strategies. No one can give you a 100% guarantee of profit on the correct scheme of earnings. Such a scheme is often spread by cheaters. You can lose at any time, nevertheless it is possible to avoid problems with finances even with an unsuccessful series. To do this it is necessary to adhere to certain conditions.

big bamboo how to win

It is highly recommended that you do not throw in your entire salary or contribute a substantial amount for you to increase your bankroll. Deposit money that you can't afford to lose. If you can easily part with 20 thousand rubles, you can safely invest. If such spending is significant for you, it is worth investing less. There is no universal formula, and all provisions are individual. It is recommended to carefully analyze the current situation and then determine the final amount.

Another recommendation is to play only on personal finances. It is categorically forbidden to borrow money from your environment to play in the online casino. The same applies to the registration of loans in the bank, this way leads only to numerous debts. Discipline is the key to success in any sphere. Gambling is no exception to this rule. Throwing yourself from extreme to extreme will be a failure for you. More often than not, everything develops according to several scenarios:

  • The user goes for a bet and loses the bet. The price tag will gradually increase, the customer wants to win back and bets more. New losses will increase the total minutes, which will become increasingly difficult to win back. Nevertheless, the desire for wagering will not disappear, which will lead to reckless actions and large bets.
  • There is another scenario. The player will be lucky and each subsequent run will end up winning, which will also lead to higher bets. Success is intoxicating and the lucky player goes all-in. What prevents luck this time to turn away? Legitimate result will be the loss of previously invested money and winnings.

It's only from the outside it seems that the examples are opposite, because they have one thing in common - the loss of control. The visitor loses the ability to objectively assess what is happening and his behavior changes. It is necessary to keep it in any case, to remain steadily in the plus, regardless of the situation. It is best to keep records, writing down every win and loss to increase control.

Basic rules of the slot

The interface is presented as a Japanese bamboo forest. On its background is the field, which has a structure of 5 reels in 6 rows. All images on the screen thematically fit the genre. You will notice interesting inhabitants of the forest, which will be ready to meet you and pay well for it: a panda, a monkey, a wild boar, a blue bird. The remaining images are cheaper, and look like spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts. Some of the tokens will pay even on a roll of all two pictures are the panda and Wild. The remainder will pay dividends only when three appear. In the Big Bamboo slot machine you will see many different kinds of tokens, some of which will give you extra features:

  • Vild. Like the panda is the most expensive picture, which pays even if you get only two of them. It replaces other images for combinations.
  • Mystery Bamboo (green bamboo). This turns into a random image on a roll, including Wild and Golden Bamboo.
  • Golden Bamboo. Triggers the feature of the same name, which gives a chance to roll a special image.
  • Instant Prize. Dispels an instant bonus of x5,000 of the bet itself.
  • Multiplier. Outputs a special multiplier between x2 and x10.
  • Collector. Accidentally lands during a Golden Bamboo action. Collects the remaining prizes, restarting the bonus round itself.
  • Scatter. Activates the bonus round.

If you click on the appropriate icon in the settings, you can view the payout table. It shows all the value of the picture, taking into account their number. Each icon is also highlighted and its value is written there. All payouts in the table are based on the current value of the spin, and when you change the price also dynamically change.

winning lines

There are about 50 lines in the Big Bamboo machine. They can only be formed from left to right in any order, the most important thing is to have either the two most expensive Wild and Panda icons in a row or all the others, but in quantities of three or more. This will help you form a prize, which you will receive at the end of the round. All available multipliers can be viewed in a special info section which dynamically displays the values depending on the bet amount.

Payout table

Symbols 2 3 4 5
Trefs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades - 2 4 8
Blue Bird - 6 24 240
Ape - 8 32 320
Caban - 10 40 400
Panda, Wild 10 40 20 3000

big bamboo rules

Big Bamboo bonus features

Big Bamboo casino bonus options are the main reasons that encourage visitors to play for money. In this situation, mystical symbols give the signal to run a special feature called Golden Bamboo. During its action on the entire playing field you can see the fallout of random images, among which appear instant prizes, multipliers and Collector icons. Golden Bamboo option will open Scatters, which, however, can fall out just by themselves. When they appear on the reel number two or three, already on the fourth can open Gamble Scatter. It will spin, then you will get one of several results:

  • No picture (nothing will happen).
  • The bonus round with 4-9 free spins starts.
  • A round with 7-9 freespins, also converts two low-paying pictures into mystical ones.
  • Bonus round with 8-10 free spins, further converting all low-paying symbols into mystical ones.

After each win, the user can activate the Gamble Game. This is a risk game in which one can get extra lucky while spinning the wheel. If the visitor is lucky, he will get extra spins by converting cheap tokens into expensive ones, otherwise the winnings will be lost.

The right side of the playing field during the prize round maintains a counter of symbols that pay well. All of them can collect up to four Scatters, which will result in a multiplier, free spins and more payouts. You don't have to wait for the bonus options to roll out in normal mode, as you can buy them yourself in the options. There are several options that vary in value.

Price Number of free spins Number of convertible symbols RTP
x99 7-9 - 96.94%
x179 7-9 2 96,76%
x300 7-10 0-4 96.74%
x608 8-10 4 96,71%

Golden Bamboo

To purchase the free spins bonus you will:

  1. Log in to the machine, and find the button that looks like a star in the bottom right corner. If you play from your phone, the image is exactly the same.
  2. Press the button, then you will be presented with an interface in which you can make a purchase.

There are four types of bonus rounds in total, each of which involves a different number of freespins and rewards. The value of the bonus rounds is directly affected by the bet. If the value of the bet is 10 rubles, the minimum bonus round will come out at 990 rubles, and the maximum at 6080. When you select the desired feature click on the "buy" button and the round starts.

Free Spins

Play for free coins or make cash bets? When searching for a fun accessible casual machine you might have come across a demo version of the Big Bamboo slot. If that suits you and you want to move on to play for real money afterwards, register and log in to the casino portal and start playing now. Free gambling has its own advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that you can play, winning big money, without spending a penny of your finances. You will not need to go looking for a local casino, just download the mobile program and start playing when it is convenient for you. There are no real restrictions on free play, so you don't have to spend money on betting and betting. The first bonus payout from buying the bonus is claimed to be 96.6%.

The main disadvantage of freespins is that there is no guarantee that you can get a substantial winnings. If you want to spend the time you need to understand the principle of how it works first, so you don't waste money even if all the odds don't play out for you. The Big Bamboo demo game has short payouts, but that doesn't make it a bad slot. If you want to have a good time and play something interesting, you should log in to the casino and run an interesting slot from developer Push Gaming!

Big bamboo game registration and launch

big bamboo strategy and tactics

The slot was introduced by Push Gaming in 2022, Spring. The developers decided to make the stylistics of wildlife, more specifically a bamboo forest. All the action develops exactly in it, and as the most precious symbols you can see its inhabitants: birds, monkeys, pandas, etc. Calm music creates a meditative effect, which improves immersion in the game. The machine will suit all lovers of animals and machines in the Asian theme. There are a total of 5 reels on the field to play, each spinning 6 rows. Totally possible to see a combination of prizes in the amount of 50 lines. Theoretical return RTP declared provider of 96.15%, which is a pretty good figure. Regardless of this characteristic may vary, depending on what casino you play. Operators are engaged in self-adjustment recoil, but not more than a couple of percent of the initial rate.

Volatility in the machine is at a high level, so winnings fall out rarely, but with large odds. Bets can make every visitor, their working range from 0.1 to 100 dollars. Thanks to this machine can use all the newcomers and long-registered fans of risk to get a huge kush. Jackpot does not exist, but instead it may well use the maximum payout with a coefficient of x50000. Pay a lot for images of forest animals, less for pictures of pictures of card suits, stylized thematically. The highlight of the machine is in the special characters, as the provider seemed little use of Wild and Scatter, so there were additional options.

Tactics and strategy games

In Big Bamboo machine really can win everyone. Its payout is over 96% of all the money poured into it. Luck will visit you, albeit rarely, but will bring immediately a large number of prizes. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer has set the technical setup volatility at a high level. On this parameter the administration of the casino can not affect. Apparatus on all casino portals work the same way, different only the theoretical return of funds. We need to figure out how best to win at Big Bamboo.

The main indicators in order to develop a tactic or strategy is the RTP and volatility, configured by Push Gaming studio. Online casino fans can choose among dozens of ways to win. To select the model should be guided by the size of the bankroll, willingness to take risks and other issues. For example, with regard to a simple example of Martingale strategy. Many people know about it, and it is great for roulette. You bet on the chosen color, repeating the procedure when you lose with doubling the value. You have to do them until you win for the first time. On the prize round you recoup all your previous failures and earn.

Yet for this app, however, this model does not apply. You can't even begin to guess which multiplier you're going to get. That's why you have to look at other things for guidance. In the emulation there are big dividends, which is represented by the formation of combinations of the most expensive icons. That is why it is better to bet on the maximums on the machine:

  • The amount for the session is chosen;
  • It is divided into 20 parts;
  • There are 20 iterations.

Such a number is needed due to the characteristics of the algorithm. Big Bamboo will pay you a nice bonus, but the pics you are looking for will appear less often than you would like.

Big Bamboo secrets and useful tips

Every player, no matter how much they play at the casino, should get as many bonuses as possible. Because of this, it will be much easier to catch a major skid without having to spend your finances. Popular slot machines give good returns, and Big Bamboo is among them. On the various sites are comments on the main, which can also be a lot to understand. Keep an eye on the time, because there are hours that are objectively much better to play. Those are the times when you get enough sleep, feel good, and are in a good mood.