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All visitors love to feel the competitive spirit of the casino, competing with others and actively winning. Gambling games give you all the fulfillment of their secret desires, and besides favorite slots also give a good earning. Test your luck by activating the application Big Bamboo on an electronic device, regardless of its type: it can be a tablet, computer or smartphone. It's a great start to reaching the tops in gambling. Online developer Push Gaming has created a great slot with high ratings, which is well written about in the reviews on the main page.

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The machine has millions of fans around the world who are excited to get into their favorite machine. Big Bamboo has an aged style - the game takes place in a bamboo forest. Here you can see interesting inhabitants - a panda, a monkey or a bird. Try the game in demo download mode to practice and already after that run it in the standard version. Get incredible emotions, enjoying the risk in a gambling game. Big Bamboo slot gives interesting combinations with multipliers up to x50000. The bonus round will be long remembered.

How to download the game Big Bamboo

The main advantage of Big Bamboo is the theoretical maximum multiplier, which reaches x50000 and replaces any solid jackpot. You can also add authorization to the list of benefits and play whenever it suits you. Earning freespins you will see expensive pictures on 5 reels, each containing 6 rows. When saving the application you may encounter the fact that the system will not fit the standard characteristics of the machine. Because of this, change your device by using a different device or use a browser. Other visitors can solve problems with the installation by resolving it from an unknown source. Go to "Settings" on your smartphone, go to "Applications" and agree to "From Unknown Sources".

Software on the casino site has 24/7 helpdesk support that will help you get answers to all of your most popular questions. Download Big Bamboo today to get pleasant emotions from the game. After downloading the machine every next time it will update itself as soon as a new version appears on the internet. To do this, you will need to open the settings and apply the activation of updates in the background. If you forget to do this, you will get a PUSH-notification with the corresponding request the first time you run the application. We recommend that you update your Big Bamboo App on time, as each new version fixes bugs of the old ones, adding new game entertainment.

Big Bamboo game devices

The operation of Big Bamboo is not complicated. Just set your bet to a certain size and proceed to spin activation. When you get a winning combination the portal will transfer the money to your purse. The amount of prize money depends on the type of images that you rolled and the cost of the spin. Most expensive reward fallout images of the panda and the tile that says Wild. Victory for them will be awarded, even if the field on the lines will be only two identical characters. In all other cases, at least three of the same images must fall.

In Big Bamboo you will find a large number of freespins. The free spins will appear on your live account after collecting a certain number of characters that depict the Yin and Yang symbols. In addition, they can be purchased for money, so as not to wait for a lucky break. On the price of the acquisition directly affects the size of the bet. The mentioned emulator was developed by the famous provider Push Gaming. This company is a leader in the industry. All slots of this company undergo a special verification system with many levels. To make your account was in maximum security should create an account only on the verified sites. For a list of reliable operators carefully read the articles on our resource. Among the advantages of the clubs we offer you:

  • Original collection. Fraudsters often try to deceive players by using fake sites. This is done by using the correction of algorithms and slot mechanisms, due to which you will not be able to earn on such portals.
  • License. Those online casino, which are offered to you, have all the necessary permits for operation. On them also periodically make checks by independent companies to ensure the safety and security of users.
  • Positive reviews. The list of the best ones was based on a variety of factors. The comments of other customers were also taken into consideration.

After registering at the portals we offer, you get access to the original Big Bamboo. A definite plus of the official operators is also the presence of a developed support program. It is important to listen to experienced players.

Download Big Bamboo on your phone

First you need to go to the official portal, which has a license to download the main file with the extension APK. In order to do so you must follow these instructions:

  1. Save the latest update from the official source to your smartphone.
  2. Use your device's file manager and find the necessary file to begin with.
  3. Click on it and select the "Install" function in the slot menu that will open.

If you follow exactly the recommendations that will pop up periodically on your screen during the installation, you will set everything up correctly. If something goes wrong, look online, and try to find a helpful tutorial. This may be acceptable in a situation where you can't set it up yourself. Once you have set the best win symbols to run the program you will need to click on it once. Don't forget that only when you download the actual version from the normal website your data will be safe and the money will be safe in your account.

For Android

Download and install the app for electronic devices goes great on Android OS phones with a version above 6.0. You will need to register with the gambling club of your choice in order to make a monetary wager. Any of your questions should be asked to the technical support, she will answer them in the appropriate online chat. To deposit and withdraw funds, you must use the online payment system. In order to install the program on your Android phone you need:

  • Follow login to casino and search for Big Bamboo slot machine.
  • Go to the page where you will find the actual links to download apk online casino on android.
  • Click on download/download. The links are at the top of the main menu or in the footer of the site.

The Big Bamboo app is loved by players no matter where they live. After you click to download the file, it will download automatically. Then you will see a special push notification when the download is complete. Click on "Open"/"Launch Now" to start the game in Live mode.

For iPhone

The setup of Big Bamboo on Apple devices with iOS is different, with some differences to the algorithm for Android devices. First, download and install a separate Safari browser, then go to the App Store. Then go to search and find the device with that name, starting to install it. Next, your smartphone will save the file, unzipping it for the following actions. The slot itself can be switched to different languages, including Russian and English.

Download the free version of Big Bamboo

game big bamboo download demo version

Take advantage of the free demo, which will give you an idea how the gameplay is arranged. A sensible gambler wouldn't want to sit down at a new slot machine he doesn't know, immediately draining his entire bankroll. This is foolish, and if you want to play to get good money to such a question should be approached wisely. After downloading the free version of the slot Big Bamboo, you can immediately activate the demo mode. By doing so you will understand the following things:

  • the gameplay in order to understand the purpose and function of each button;
  • How to play at high stakes and get maximum pleasure with trying to make good money;
  • Gain an understanding of how to win the top prize without risking your money.

You are free to do anything you want - change your bets ₽, get the desired result by any means. The credits you earn in the demo cannot be withdrawn, so you can spend them on any risks and experiments. This will give you a positive attitude towards the game and a detailed study of all aspects of the slot. This is a valuable experience, even watching instructional videos or reading the comments is nothing compared to playing the machine yourself. When you're sure you've learned it well, it's worth registering on the site - it's a must to get your winnings. Enter your real data to deposit and withdraw by any of the methods presented in the casino. Playing on the azrtnyh sites in your account, it is possible to write to their support team, consulting with all matters of interest to you. If you lose your account password, you will be able to restore your access by following the instructions.

Install Big Bamboo

In order to install, please first make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the file. The best solution in this situation would be to use the official fair casino portal, or download the app from the App Store/Google Play marketplace. Then, when using a file manager to detect the application itself and start installing. Make sure that the settings allow you to install from an unknown source, without this procedure, you will not be able to run the game. It is important to follow all of the tips that are on your screen to successfully complete the installation. You can also use tutorials you found on the Internet. This is what you need if you can't install the game yourself. Push Gaming has managed to create a great slot machine, but do not forget to read the privacy policy, which contains a lot of useful information about the $ betting or RTP characteristics. Saragossa Band casino will give you a nice bonus, just set it right, that will be enough!

Securely install the game on your device

This emulator was developed by the famous Push Gaming studio. This developer is a leader in the development industry, and all the machines that have passed through the hands of this company have been tested using a multi-level system. It is safest to register with licensed online casinos with all the certificates. You can see a list of reliable operators right on this page. Among the advantages of the clubs that are offered you will find:

  • Rich collection. Dishonest offices often place their fakes on the Internet. With their help, they cheat customers for money, not afraid to lose their reputation, because they are covered by another institution. Here you will play official slots that are checked every month.
  • License. All gambling clubs that are in our list have all the necessary permits to work. This gives a guarantee for the reliability and safety of players.
  • The availability of technical support. The support team is always on the side of the players if they comply with the terms and conditions of the club. In the event of a dispute, all details will be thoroughly reviewed and a verdict rendered.

When you register Big Bamboo on the portal we offer, you get access to the game. The machine is 100% safe and reliable. You'll see a huge RTP, which exceeds 96%. You can conclude that the machine will give out prizes of 9650 rubles from each thousand deposited. The game has a high volatility, which affects what is paid out at once a lot, but it happens quite rarely. Nevertheless, the slot has a high probability to get a super prize with multiplier x50000!